By | April 30, 2018


If something ends up well, overall it can be judged to be good. Well here can mean numerous things, such as morally good, successful and enjoyable.

This saying encourages us to view life in a positive light. It also help us justify doing something stressful or frowned upon to get a good result.

However, the notion that ‘all’s well that ends well’ has been contested by several philosophers. For instance, some people have argued that this proverb makes an unjustifiable assumption: that it does not matter what we do to achieve our goals, as long as they are achieved. For these critics of the proverb, a good result can only be achieved through good actions. These people might say that the proverb’s implicit suggestion that the end justifies the means is wrong, and that something can only end well if it has begun well, and been carried out well throughout the entire process.

However, other people have argued that if something good is achieved, then retrospectively this justifies the means that were used to achieve a good thing.
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